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About the Database

Tenuipalpidae is one of the most important families of phytophagous mites. Several tenuipalpid species are considered pests of many crops around the world. They also are known as flat mites and false spider mites.

This database contains updated taxonomic information about the tenuipalpid species described, based mostly on Mesa et al. (2009). It was prepared according to the taxonomic system provided in Mesa et al. (2009) and Beard et al. (2012) (Flat Mites of the World, available from: http://idtools.org/id/mites/flatmites/), and contains information about 1100 named species.

IN PROGRESS!!! We started recently the inclusion of the data in the database and shortly more species and information would be available.
NOTE: a major effort is being doing to include precise information about all known tenuipalpids species; we would be very grateful to users that let us know of mistakes or omissions on our part.

THIS IS NOT A TAXONOMIC REVISION. THEREFORE, IT CONTAINS NO OFFICIAL TAXONOMIC DECISIONS. PLACEMENT OF A SPECIES UNDER A GENUS DIFFERENT FROM WHICH IT IS KNOWN FROM THE LITERATURE SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED A “NEW COMBINATION”. Thus, no new names are proposed for homonymies which could have resulted from the different placement of species in genera according to the system used in this catalog. Similarly, no new names are proposed for homonymies which have already been created in the literature and for which new names have not yet been proposed.



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